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My name is Cassidy, I was named after a Grateful Dead song and I like narwhals, the word poot is fun to say, i shoot lightning out of my nipples, also I'm a real big queer. So hop on this bandwaggon! Come get to know me and my mind , ask questions , tell me interesting facts, admit your deepest secrets, ask me for advice on anything . Anything in the realm of things you would like to express i would like to know . I'm pretty much a snazzy mystifying oracle . mylovelyface

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why arent boobs called chest melons

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One of the kids in my high school class was born on April Fool’s and his dad missed his birth because when his mom called to say she was in labour he laughed and hung up on her

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Fun fact I knew this girl from camp who had a British accent but she wasn’t from England and then one day I went to her house and her parents didn’t have a British accent either so I asked her where she got it from because I was really confused and she told me her parents faked it until she was 7 because they wanted a child with a British accent

I am doing this for my children


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